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Ever been on a vacation and found yourself flabbergasted over what to order from the local eatery? Well, if you did, you wouldn’t be alone. Language is one of the biggest impediments for tourists travelling to exotic destinations, more than the local culture or gamey cuisine. Because, of course, you can eat, order or buy something after you understand what the vendor is saying. Or you could be a multi-lingual, an expert in all the languages spoken on the planet.

And since one of the above probabilities is impossible, you’d be better off with a language translator that translates everyday conversations. Can’t find one that isn’t sluggish or translates better? Enter: the Muama Enence instant translator: a language translator you can use on the go.

There are many dedicated translator devices on the market that you can buy for your next holiday destination. You can even use mobile applications that can translate in real-time what is being said or what is written at a specific place.

However, all of these use third-party software and language recognition software provided by other companies to translate: this means getting stuck with a device that could lag due to the internet and you’re stuck at the Spanish resort because you don’t know what ‘room service’ is in Spanish and your damn 4G won’t work.

So, it would be nice to have a dedicated translator that wouldn’t rely on internet to work, which makes the Muama Enence the perfect device to have as a travel companion.

What is the Muama Enence?

The Muama Enence is the best dedicated language translator with a revolutionary speech recognition technology developed in-house, that comes pre-installed. Which means no waiting for 4G to kick in or slow response times. The Enence is such a fast device that it gets back to you with the translation within 1.5 seconds after a sentence or even a phrase has been spoken in the microphone.

And that’s not even the best part. The best part would be the 36 languages it supports: from Polish to Hindi to Romanian, you’re never left stranded anywhere with the Enence at your side.

The Enence is a sleek, polished device that could fool anyone into thinking you might have a premium Apple product. But the fact is, that the Enence translator is such a beautiful and well-crafted device that it does not look like a typical bulky, ugly language translator that have become such a mainstay at tourist shops worldwide.

What’s more, the device is lightweight and purpose built, which means it has just four buttons total to help you navigate around the device, making it very easy-to-use even in night-time applications and low-light conditions. 

There are also the many modes you get when you use the Enence translator. You can speak into the microphone and get the output to yourself, or you can point the device towards the person speaking the non-native language and get the translated result for yourself.

It is touted as a ‘real time two-way conversation translator’, which means that you can speak into it for the other person to be translated or use it to translate what the other person is saying. Really, its about how you use, owing to its incredible versatility. 

What are the Features of the Muama Enence Translator?

Following are some of the features of the incredible Muama Enence translator,

  • Durable, smooth build quality. The translator looks and feels like a high-end mobile device or an MP3 player, with its incredible build quality and the smooth metal finish.
  • Long-lasting battery. With the Enence’s battery, you can go upto four days without needing to charge the device. You get the best-in-class battery timing; for four hours of charging, you get four days of active use.
  • Smart, easy to handle and intuitive. Easily fits in your pocket and is really easy to use. Since there are no complicating buttons or touchscreens, you get the most simple and intuitive translator on the market.
  • Intelligently designed; both software and hardware.
  • Accurate language translation to 36 languages. Smart AI and adaptive language translation software (developed in-house) delivers appropriate translations every time for every word, phrase and sentence.
  • Fast and clear: high quality audio that is easy to discern and does not require earbuds. Plus, a 1.5 second wait between input and output means you converse almost naturally between non-native speakers.
  • Simplistic operation and output. Press the button, speak into it and get the translation. It really can’t be made more simple than that. 

What do you Need to set up the Muama Enence?

Just an Apple smartphone. You need to download the Muama Enence app and pair the phone via Bluetooth. While the device is self-sufficient, you do need to keep it paired with the phone just so it can access the data library in the application. After that, simply run the application and pair it with the translator.

This ensures that even in conditions where internet isn’t available, simply having your phone connected to the device means you’ll never get stranded.

Does the Translator Require an all-time Internet Connection?

Simple answer, no. The device doesn’t even need internet while setting up. All it needs is a Bluetooth connection to your phone to access the native application. This comes in handy when you’re travelling and don’t have internet coverage or when you’re trekking through a mountainside or a forest and can’t connect to your GSM provider.

The translator will work even then, just as long as your phone is connected to the application via Bluetooth on your iOS device.

How to use the Muama Enence Translator?

Real simple, no rocket science. No fidgeting around for buttons and whatnot or untangling wires for earbuds because the translator does not support speakers. Since it has a built-in speaker, it lets other speak into it or listen to it with ease and without the hassle of using a pair of earbuds with an attached microphone to speak into. 

After you’ve paired the device to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, simply press the button to speak into. Speak naturally and like you would anywhere infront of anyone. After you’ve spoken in the device’s microphone, the device will instantly transmit back the translation within 1-2 seconds. After you’re done, simply shut it off and you can turn it on again when needed.

You can also use it to translate any language into English. Simply, press the button again, let the other person speak into it and then release the button. After 2 seconds, the device will translate the sequence into English and you can hear it back to understand better the other language.

Who can use this Translator?

This nifty little device is not just intended for tourists alone. Actually, it has a wide number of applications and uses for different people in different walks of life.

For example, students starting up on their exchange semesters abroad or going to another country for studies can use the Muama Enence to get through everyday life with the least amount of hassle.

They need not learn the language, the dialect or correct their accent to fit in much more better. Be yourself and use the Enence translator to get through the daily chores or jobs like going to the library, shopping for something or simply asking for directions. 

Furthermore, if you’re a businessman or businesswoman who travels to new locations frequently for official work or business meetings, the Enence language translator can be the best travel companion you can have if you’re going to a place where you’ve never been and are unaware of their language and customs.

We’ve got the language part covered, as you can simply push a button and speak into it and get the result back in a matter of seconds. If you’re in a meeting and want to understand what the other party is saying, you can simply whip out the translator, let the person speak, and then understand for yourself what is going on. 

But that’s not all. People going on humanitarian missions and volunteers for a natural disaster rescue mission elsewhere can also benefit greatly from this device, since their line of work requires clear transmission of words between the two people.

While there is a margin of error among other works, people like rescue doctors and paramedical staff cannot afford to keep hanging around for the translations. With the speed that is promised by the Enence translator, medical personnel can easily switch between different languages on the fly and understand what the patient is saying, not wasting any precious minutes or even seconds.

The Tros of the Revolutionary Rranslator

  • To start, this is an extremely fast language translator, which means that no waiting around for the results to be delivered. Fast and efficient.
  • Requires no special internet connection or other GPRS service. Simply connect it with your phone and get going. Extremely intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • Durable and rugged. You can drop and it wont affect anything, not even the audio quality. 
  • Extremely long battery life. It sports one of the best and class-leading batteries of its class and therefore provides a good battery timing. For four hours of charging that it gets, it puts out an impressive four days of moderate to heavy use.
  • No additional memory devices, or attachments for different languages. Comes preloaded with over 36 languages spoken around the world, so there is no need for that. 

Muama Enence Customer Reviews

Customers have praised highly the breakneck speeds of the translations and how the device works overall. Just a look at Muama’s website can give you an idea of the kind of reviews this device has garnered for itself.

Customers praise and users have routinely highlighted how the device helped them tackle a language-related problem while abroad. Muama Enence customer reviews and Muama Enence reviews are highly positive and highlight what a good product this is. 

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