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Dron X pro review

Drones are all the rage nowadays. Whether you’re a professional photographer providing event coverage or just a kid trying to have fun peeking around the neighbourhood without getting caught, you’ll want a drone, especially one with a good camera and stabilisation software that ensures that each photo you take or video you shoot is not blurry. Introducing the DroneX Pro, an affordable attempt at building a drone that does all the things a quality drone does, and then some. 

Drones are becoming more and more prevalent as of the latest. Amateurs use drones to practice their skills of both flying it and capturing nice shots, so when the time comes, they can easily handle and use a more expensive, professional-grade drone. However, things need not be that gradual and boring.

Previously, the market for fun, low-cost drones with really good cameras was empty, but now, you’ve got the DroneX Pro, which fills all the blanks in the specific market segment. Just a look at the DroneX Pro reviews on sites like Amazon and you can understand why they are selling like hot cakes. 

What is a DroneX Pro?

The DroneX Pro is well, a drone, but a drone that has unmatched picture quality, build quality and dynamics that makes it one of the most versatile and innovative drones on the market right now. It is a drone with incredible build quality and is equipped with a class-leading camera that takes pictures and records video in HD and higher and also has very good battery timing.

It is also a multifunction drone, which basically means that you can either use it just for fun (flying in a field or a ground without turning on the camera) or use it for professional photography to cover an event or a show.

Here are some of the features of the DroneX Pro,

  • Slim, stylish high-quality build.
  • Foldable body and wing blades for easy storage, handling and transport.
  • 12MP camera with autofocus and advanced image stabilisation software.
  • Long-lasting battery; fly and film for upto 10 minutes without landing.
  • Built-in gyroscopes and gravity sensors that help detect ground and other obstacles to avoid collisions.
  • Advanced remote with replay and record capabilities; integrated with an amazing 720p display.
  • Panorama mode on the remote lets you capture 360° photos and videos with just the push of a button.

It would get quite long if all the features were to be listed here, so take it on good faith that the DroneX Pro is one of the best drones around right now you can buy on the market. 

The salient features and the extras

The DroneX Pro comes from a manufacturer reputed for its focus on building products that stand out from the rest of the market. Included with the drone is the remote that you can use to control the drone and operate its camera.

There’s also a mobile application out for both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store which you can use to access various features of the drone. Here are some of the salient features of the drone and the capabilities it comes packed with from the factory.

  • Fastest drone in its size and weight class. The DroneX Pro clocks in a lofty 12m/s for a total fly distance of 2km (before radio connectivity falls short). It is the fastest and lightest drone that can cover such a distance without losing transmission.
  • The DroneX Pro is intuitive and easy-to-use, to the point that even a newbie or a novice could fly it and get mistaken for a professional. 
  • The images that it captures and the videos it can record are supplemented by an image stabilisation software, a 12MP camera and 720p recording capability. 
  • The camera software comes pre-loaded with camera modes and shots like asteroid shots and boomerang shots, which makes it an absolute dream to operate.
  • Made from composite materials, making it extremely durable, rugged, all the while keeping its overall weight down to get included in the lightweight category.

How to operate the DroneX Pro?

As mentioned beforehand, the drone is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use. So much so, that a new user can use and not be embarrassed in front of anybody. Because of its host of stability features, inclusion of gyroscopes and gravity sensors, it is nearly impossible for it to be crashed or even landed in a wrong way.

The landing is particularly easy because of the gyroscopes and the gravity sensor; these work together to calculate the distance between the ground and the drone itself and then regulates speed of the drone, ensuring you get a smooth touchdown every time.

Operating the DroneX Pro is very simple. The remote has clear, concise buttons and joysticks for you to use. Joysticks are mainly used to control the speed, pitch and the height of the drone and the buttons are used to control various functions, including much of the camera functions. You can use the gorgeous 720p display to view and set the picture for yourself. 

Battery and accessories

The drone also has a good battery life and can run for extended periods of time even when the battery is on low. Even more than that, the drone itself is compatible with standard batteries, which means that you can pack a few rechargeable batteries to tackle a long workload. Battery consumption, however, is top of its class; for a camera this good and a drone this fast and manoeuvrable, the battery is surprisingly big and the drone itself optimised to use as less power as possible. 

Spare accessories that the drone ships with include a spare set of rotor blades. Since this is a quadcopter design and uses four sets of rotor blades, you will find a spare set of four blades in the box, should the primary ones get damaged during transportation, handling or use.

The three-speed quadcopter design requires for the blades to be rather soft and flexible, which means that the weakest part of the drone will be the blades. So, should you find that the drone has not got a set of working blades on the rotors, you can easily swap out the four of them. They are easy to swap out and insert, so you will be done with that task in no time and will be flying again. These blades are configured to be easy so they can be swapped with bigger ones on the go.

The camera

As drone enthusiasts and professionals use drones for photography, we can talk about how good the camera is and how crisp and professional-looking photos and videos it can capture with its 12MP autofocus camera. As listed above, there are a myriad of improvements in the camera of the DroneX Pro over other drones and even its predecessors. 

It has a wide-angle lens and a gyroscope and gimbal system that helps you take the best shot no matter what the wind conditions or the weather; the pictures and the videos will always come out stable and beautiful. Plus, it can record videos in 720p and can capture stills in HD, whose picture quality is above par of what professional camera drones manage with their underpowered and measly setups. 

DroneX Pro: the hits and misses

  • The greatest pro point of this drone is its camera, a quality-built wide-angle lens 12MP camera with autofocus and image stabilisation that gives the best picture quality on a camera drone in this price range.
  • Gyroscopic-stabilising and gravity sensors make each flight a buttery smooth affair. No crosswinds or bad weather will affect your flight and pictography.
  • Very fast, stable drone. Speed is rated at 12m/s, an excellent speed for a drone this light and rugged.
  • Durable build quality, along with convenient foldable-style rotor blades, which makes it easier to pack it in for long-distance travelling and transportation.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with an eye-pleasing jet-black colour scheme.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive, with a remote that makes flying and capturing pictures easier. 

As it is with every product, there are a few misses,

  • The rotor blades are malleable and a bit flexible, which makes it the prime candidate to be affected by wear and tear. They can be damaged easily if treated roughly.
  • Since it has a HD camera and video-recording abilities, it comes under the local rules and regulations of each state or county. Therefore, you need to have it registered and have to adhere to the prevalent drone use rules of your locality. 
  • You need to have proper training and experience with flying and using camera drones to ensure that it does not get into an accident. 

Price of DroneX Pro

You can get one for $99.99 dollars, but Amazon and other retailers sell bundles which bring the net price down a lot and could save you a lot of money.

DroneX Pro extreme review Amazon

Reviews for this product have mostly been very positive, with many people heralding it as a revolutionary drone for its price range. Its performance has routinely been lauded by seasoned drone users and enthusiasts as ‘mind-blowing’ and ‘above-par to what it costs’.

Similarly, reviews on Amazon are also pretty good for the drone, with many people giving it 4 or 5 stars at a time. As far as drones go, DroneX Pro is one of the hot sellers of the online marketplace and has seen very good success with people, professionals and amateurs alike.

With its camera prowess and its handling abilities, there is a good reason as to why people like it so much; its not too harsh on the old wallet and does its job better than expected and advertised.

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