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Drones are all the rage nowadays. Everybody wants one, and the select few who actually manage to get their hands on one of them leave no stones unturned in showing them off and making other people’s lives hell because of their intrusive abilities. One of such hot cakes is the Blade 720, the must-have drone for anybody looking to get their drone jam on. 

Videos and photos made using drones are incredible and more and more people want to buy one. The problem though is the high price and the fact that most drones are very difficult to use. But now there is Blade 720 Drone on the market, a drone that meets the expectations of those who want easy use, high quality, and low price all in one! Too good to be true? Let’s check it out…

What is the Drone Blade 720?

It is a new portable drone equipped with sophistication: it has a High-Resolution camera, optical flow sensors, and intelligent maneuvers control.

The Blade 720 is designed to be portable. And with that, it was not necessary to sacrifice any of the main benefits: It is stable in the air, it is easy to fly and records videos in high resolution in our smartphone.

Blade 720 Drone is a precision-engineered drone that is specifically designed for easy flying, making it perfect to fly inside or to record action shots whilst on the move. Its foldable structure and lightweight design make it an essential item for any adventure!

Easy to Use, Fun to Fly – Shoot Like A Pro

The Blade 720 Drone is the brand-new type of drone made so that anyone can fly it. It’s perfect for making the ultimate selfies! The Blade 720 was designed by two German engineers who love drones. They found that the drones they had were very bulky, heavy and difficult to travel with. So, they designed this ultra-compact, light drone, and all without sacrificing any of the main benefits of a top HD model. It’s firm, it’s easy to control and it can live-stream and record to your phone!

People are using it to take ‘the ultimate selfies’ – the results are incredible…

Why is Blade 720 Drone so Revolutionary?

For too long, big-name manufacturers have been ripping off everyday consumers with the promise of supplying them with a drone no other manufacturer can match in price or quality. That’s all about to change. 720x the trend by producing not only one of the world’s smallest drones, but by ensuring the HD video quality is exceptional, and the price just a FRACTION of what other drones are being sold for.

This drone is foldable for transport, has an HD camera, holds its altitude, offers app control and real-time transmission, has a gravity sensor, and supports virtual reality. The ball is in your court. 

How does it Work?

We were surprised by how easy it is to set up! First, you have to install an app (just scan the QR code in the manual). It’s all very easy. Once you have done that, just plug in the battery, connect to your drone and start up the app. In less than 10 seconds you’re ready to fly your drone!

And then the best part comes: flying is so incredibly easy. The controls are just superb, really intuitive. Flying the drone feels natural. A colleague’s kids happened to be at the office, and they figured it all out in seconds — on their first drone flight ever. It’s just amazing how easy and smooth the controls are!

Once you’re in the air, it’s time to use the built-in camera. You can take the most stunning pictures and videos. Take videos from otherwise impossible angles and impress your friends with the coolest selfies!

What Features can you find in this Drone?

Blade 720 Drone puts beginners for professionals. It contains the most desired features for a drone:

  1. Foldable – The propellers fold inwards to make the drone easier to carry and better protected during transit.
  2. Controlled via iOS and Android – Simply install the App and connect through Wifi to the drone.
  3. Increased Flight Time – Blade 720 has improved battery life and it’s the fastest drone of its category at a speed of up to 12 metres per second with a top transmission range of 2 km.
  4. Altitude Hold Mode – This mode locks the height and the location of the drone so it can hover steadily at one spot and capture great photos and videos.
  5. Anti-Collision System – Built-in sensors prevent collisions with the ground & other obstacles.
  6. 3D VR mode – Use the joystick and a VR kit to control the drone even easier.
  7. Minimalist and practical design –The smart lightweight construction folds together for extra portability.
  8. High-quality video – The images look incredibly sharp on this drone. 
  9. Panorama Mode – Capture 360-degree photos from the air with just one click of a button.
  10. Easy to set up and use
  11. Ultra-compact size and foldable design – perfect to carry around in the pocket
  12. Intuitive and smooth controls make it easy to fly for everyone
  13. 720PHD rotating camera allows you to take high-quality photos and videos from unseen angles
  14. 120° wide-angle lens “broadens your vision”
  15. High atmospheric pressure allows you to accurately lock the height and location which makes shooting easy and convenient
  16. Durable but lightweight design makes Blade 720 long-lasting and trustful companion anytime, anywhere

What makes this Drone so Special?

The main benefits of Blade 720 are its portability, price, camera and its ease of use. The drone is the same size as a large smartphone. Combine that with its foldable rotors and you probably have the world’s most portable drone. It will comfortably fit in any pocket or bag! Absolutely, anyone can easily fly this drone! Its controls were designed to perfection. The Blade 720 also has an incredible hovering capability. No need to focus on the height; just steer and enjoy the flight! A drone with this name needs a quality camera of course. This drone is just perfect to take awesome pictures and videos. And so far, we have not even mentioned that the drone is made of ABS plastic. This makes the drone much lighter and stronger. Last but not least, the price is just amazing. It’s less than $100 for a drone of this quality. This must be the single best price-quality drone there is!

Blade 720 App

We already touched on this a bit, but you already have one of the pieces of equipment you need for this device, your phone. Using an app, the drone is connected directly to your phone. The app is downloadable directly from the Apple (iOS) or Google Play (Android) stores. The app is free, so don’t worry about an added charge or hidden cost. All you do is download it and connect the app to the drone via a Wi-Fi connection, then hook your phone into the remote control, send the Blade 720p into the air, and you’ll be able to see everything the drone sees right on your phone’s screen. It’s that easy!

Blade 720 Features

Easy to set up (instructions coming up next) and simple to use, this drone can still do more than you might think. Let’s start simple: it’s foldable. The wings all clip into the inside of the drone itself making it small enough to carry in your pocket. The Blade 720 also has a one-touch take-off and landing feature. Just push a button and the drone is airborne, or if it’s already airborne, it’ll land safely in front of you. It also has a one-key return feature. As long as it’s in range, with the touch of a button, the Blade 720 will return right to you. Altitude hold button keeps the drone steady for the best pictures and videos possible, and the three different speeds allow you to go as fast or slow as you’d like. It can also do 360 rolls, but we recommend waiting until you’ve got some practice ion before you attempt that.

Blade 720 Drone Specs

These are the technical specifications of the blade 720 quadcopter.

  • 10MP 720P Wide Angle Camera
  • 4GHz Tech for Anti-Interference
  • 6-Axis Gyro
  • 3 Levels of Flight Speed
  • High Strength and Lightweight Fuselage for Durability and Speed
  • WiFi Allows and Pictures to go Directly to Connected Phone
  • Range of up to 100 Meters
  • Fly Time <10 Mins

Blade 720 Price

Normally, these drones retail for $199.99, but if you use the links on this page, you can get some discount offers. One drone will be 50 per cent off at $99.99. If you purchase two drones for $199.99, you’ll get a third completely free. If you order three drones for $299.99, you get two free for a total of five drones. That means you can get one for the whole family for a fraction of what they retail for. Shipping is included on all orders right now, so it’s a great time to get them.

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How Does Blade 720 Pro Work?

First of all, the 720 in the title means this amazing drone takes pictures up to 750 pixels! So, you’re going to get high-quality pictures no matter what. And, soon, your friends will be asking you how you got such cool aerial shots, landscape shots, and group shots! On top of this, all you have to do is download the Blade 720 App to hook the device to your phone. Then, you can use the app to control your drone, download pictures, and more!

On top of this, your drone has different modes, so you can do tricks with it. For example, the Blade 720 Drone has a speed mode, so you can really fly. It also can do a 360-degree flip for tricks that will be sure to wow your friends. Finally, the Blade 720 Drone has a one-key return, so you can land this drone with ease. Truly, this is the best drone for beginners, and at the 50% off the price, what more can you ask for?

Where to Buy the Blade 720 Drone?

I purchased the Drone Blade 720 on the company’s official website, one of the largest distributors of drones and entertainment products around the world. My purchase was made without any hassle, it was quick and on a secure site. The drone took about 9 days to get to my house. Yes, it took a while, but it was worth it, for the price and for the product itself. The company provided me with all the data regarding delivery and I did not have any problems during the whole process.

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