Ideal Press Release Word Count Which Journalists Love

Ideal Press Release Word Count

Writing press releases is a rough ride from the start. Day after day, the number of press releases being written and published around the world is increasing rapidly. At the same time, your marketing manager keeps pressuring you to come up with the most tantalizing and eye-catching content for your press release. The enormity of the situation worsens when it is the first time you and your marketing department are exploring through the world of press releases. There are just too many questions that need answering and numerous confusions which are in dire need of solving.

If you are one of those people, then worry no more! This article addresses the most common question which is repeatedly asked by people new to writing press releases: What is the optimum length of a press release? Randomly picking some words as the perfect length of a press release is not logical. Therefore, to understand the press release word count better, let us understand the reasoning behind it first.

Staying Focused

When it comes to writing in general, people tend to get out of line. They may lose their focus from the main point and start highlighting other unimportant aspects. If a similar mistake is made when writing a press release, believe me, you will lose the attention of the reader immediately. Always remember that we live in a fast-paced world. Nobody has the time to look right and left for the information that they need and as soon as they are unable to find what they need, people will not even bother continuing.  

Cater the 5 W’s

The best word count for a press release is the one that contains the answer to the 5 W’s. The 5 W’s are the best strategy when writing a press release. Give straightforward answers to who, what, why, when, and where? You do not have to write out the questions explicitly while answering them. It is important to structure your content in such a way that all these questions are catered automatically.

*Tip: If it makes things any easier for you, just write out the questions for yourself while writing the press release content and then remove these questions from the press release at the end. 

No Fancy Writing Required

When it comes to press release writing, we automatically assume that the content must contain the most difficult language full of hard words. With this kind of mentality, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Nobody likes to read difficult things nor do the journalists have the time to do so. Adding beautiful words may seem like a good idea but in hindsight, they create nothing but redundancy and make you lose your precious number of words. Coming from some important journalists, any press release with too many technical words that a non-technical journalist has no idea about is immediately rejected and overlooked.

Write short simple messages with a single aim in mind: deliver the message is a simple and most efficient language.

Don’t Share Everything

The best press releases are the ones that leave something to be told. If your press release has a huge word count because it tells everything about the news as well as your organization, it is nothing but a big fail from the start. Never forget that not press releases are not product or service manuals. There is no need to mention every single detail about the event of your organization. It is just a news piece that is used to grab the attention of the journalists in your niche so that they can further propagate your message through the media.

When you sit down to write a press release, never for a moment forget that a card player who shows all his cards always ends up losing. A similar rule applies when it comes to press release writing and word count.

Final Words

Let us now come to the answer you have all been waiting for so far. The word count anywhere between 300 to 600 words is considered the ideal length for a press release, this makes a total of one or one and a half pages. In the first 5 seconds of reading a press release, a journalist may like or dislike your press release.

Do not forget, the lesser number of words used, the higher chances a press release has of being picked up. But at the same time, do not make your press release length so short that it fails to deliver the message in the first place.

Writing a perfect length press release may sound like a real challenge. But once you get the ball rolling and give it a few attempts, it can be accomplished easily. If there are competent writers available in the team, there is no need to hire one from outside as they can easily write a press release.

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