How to get Free V-Bucks for Fortnite


V-bucks is the in-game virtual currency for the insanely popular Battle Royale game Fortnite. When we say insanely popular, we mean 350 million people who tune in to Epic Games’ masterpiece everyday and wreak havoc on each other.

Suffice to say, there are a lot of people interested in knowing how to get free V-bucks, giving them the ability to buy various in-game items like gliders, skins and whatnot. You know, the whole menagerie of items you manage in your menu. 

First things first. Or rather disclaimer: all these hacks and glitches you see on the internet claiming to get you 50,000 or 25,000 free V-bucks or codes that generate V-bucks are scams. Every single one of them. Since V-bucks are the proprietary payment method for Epic Games, therefore, they don’t use third-party carriers or codes to generate V-bucks.

With that out of the way, we’re certainly not going to tell you about that one hack that does work. Nada. All you can do to get free V-bucks is play. A lot. Like several hours a day. That way, you can level up and get free V-bucks provided by Epic Games itself. Here are a few ways you can grind to farm those sweet blue coins for your next skin purchase or battle pass purchase. 

How to get Free V-Bucks

As explained above, to get free V-bucks, you have to play. Get kills, stay alive and perform unique challenges like gather a certain amount of wood or build a structure with bricks to get to the top of the daily challenges posted by the game, which then rewards a myriad of things, most commonly, V-bucks. So, without further ado, here are a few ways you can get yourselves some of them V-bucks. 

By Logging into Fortnite Daily

The first and foremost, and quite possibly the easiest way to score some V-bucks is to log in daily to the game and claim your free rewards for log-in. many games, especially multi-player, do that nowadays. You get a gift everyday you log in.

For Fortnite, you get some skins for your weapons, but mostly, it’s just 50 V-bucks (if you’re lucky). In most of the gifts doled out for daily log in, its usually 10 or 20 V-bucks. 

Now, you might say that 50 V-bucks won’t do much good. And, that’s right. They don’t even get you a skin or a low-tiered emote. But you could log in for a good part of two months and collect a solid 500 V-bucks, setting you up for the purchase of a good emote or a premium skin.

Similarly, you can keep on farming and saving and eventually, you could save enough for a battle pass. That alone gives you plenty of stuff and V-bucks as you climb the ranks and levels.

However, do take this suggestion with a grain of salt. As you might’ve read, this will take a lot of time, especially if you’re looking to hit a certain amount (for a battle pass, maybe). However, perseverance always pays off; you can be the owner of a nice skin if you stick to your regiment long enough. There’s no way to get rich with V-bucks quick unless you’re willing to part ways with 60 bucks from your own wallet to get 6000 (or more) V-bucks. And all other methods involve faring coins, which takes a lot of time. So, giddy up.

By Completing the Daily Challenges/ Quests

So, Fortnite has three basic modes you can play: Save The World, Battle Royale and Creative Mode. While the latter two are fun enough on their own, Save The World is the one to be used for this particular mission (Save The World mode is paid, so if you haven’t got it, you can skip this section).

This particular mode has rotating challenges that earn you 50 or 100 free V-bucks every time you complete them. And since they are daily challenges too, you can bump up your fee V-bucks farming strategy to the point where you can log out having gotten around 200 V-bucks every day.

This method, paired with the daily log-in rewards, can further shorten the time by which you can save enough for a good item. The good thing is that the V-bucks earned from there can be used in any other mode, so feel free to use them to buy a battle pass or get the bundle with lots of good skins or characters.

Level Up with Free Pass

You need not get a battle pass to enjoy the rewards you can get as you progress further and further in the Battle Royale mode. There are many free items after each rank which you can even if you haven’t purchased the battle pass. While some of them are really good, most of the time, it is just free V-bucks that you could after, let’s say, you progress onto rank 23 from 22, which had a reward of 100 free V-bucks.

You can use this as a way to further supplement your free V-bucks strategy, helping you get to your goal of maybe 2000 V-bucks much faster.

As always, this takes time, but also a hefty play schedule for daily. If you have the perk ‘XP Supercharged’ for your Battle Royale activated, this might make things a little bit easier. But for most of the part, you’ll have to clock in a good 3 or 4 hours of solid gameplay daily, rack up kills everyday to rapidly progress through the ranks. This way, you can get to those rewards much quicker.

If you can buy the battle pass or have won one from your favourite YouTuber, congratulations! You can get a lot of free cool stuff aside from the V-bucks and a myriad of other really useful skins and characters, not to mention alot of really cool emotes. 

In short,

Getting free V-bucks isn’t impossible, but you can’t hack or glitch your way to being Fortnite’s 1 percenter. Its downright impossible. You can however, take the same way used in real life: work your way to the riches. Or maybe buy some. Depends on what you want and when you want it.

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