Free V-Bucks Generator: How to Get Fortnite’s Currency for Free


It seems like every Fortnite player nowadays needs a reality dose, because all they search for is how to get V-bucks for free or free V-bucks generator. Not knowing that Fortnite doesn’t work this way, it’s going to a lot more difficult for them to know the real world doesn’t operate that way either.

Like Fortnite, where you have no choice but to farm for the in-game currency, life isn’t going to hand you a bank account full of greens, you’ll have to work for it, unless you belong to the 1 per cent or are an heir to a fortune.

Which brings us to the topic of V-bucks, which Fortnite players are trying to get their hands on without putting in the requisite number of hours in the Battle Royale game. The only way to get those sweet blue tokens fast and in minutes is buying them, for straight cash.

There’s no other way, which should be said with a disclaimer, because Epic Games, the studio responsible for Fortnite, is the proprietary supplier and seller of the V-bucks. So, without their authorisation, you literally cannot find a free V-bucks generator or get free currency from anywhere on the internet. 

With that out of the way, following are a few ways that you can work and grind for V-bucks for your game, so that you can buy those sweet gliders, emotes and the slick-designed character skins. The whole shebang, actually. 

Free V-Bucks Generator: Fortnite Free V-Bucks Generator

As explained beforehand, you simply can’t get V-bucks for free, because Epic Games does not give them out for free (except for a few methods listed below). For the problem of getting V-bucks fast and in a couple of minutes, the only option is to part ways with your literal money. As in, Epic Games will sell V-bucks at a huge discount or with added value only through the game or their store.

The third is buying gift cards which Epic Games themselves issue for game stores. There’s no other way than paying for V-bucks to get the currency quick. Listed below are the prices for V-bucks, bundles which you can buy to spend in the game’s three modes,

  • 1000 V-bucks for $10.
  • 2500 V-bucks for $25 (added bonus of 300 V-bucks)
  • 4000 V-bucks for $60 (added bonus of 1000 V-bucks)
  • 10,000 V-bucks for $1000 (added bonus of 3500 V-bucks)

These bundles are the only way to get V-bucks quick and with the least amount of effort possible. However, as you can guess by the prices, buying V-bucks is a lot more expensive than simply being patient and putting in the effort to farm those credits free.

They are, after all, pretty expensive for a virtual currency that you can’t even use like Ethereum or Bitcoin. They can only be used for a game that the internet does not take seriously and only makes fun of. So, there goes the utility. But for the players, and the enthusiasts, a gift of V-bucks is like manna delivered straight from heaven.

How to Get Free V-Bucks Generator

Aside from the method mentioned above, if you don’t want to spend real money for V-bucks for your game, well, you’re going to have to grind a lot and farm those V-bucks.

Farming is a term used in the gaming circles to describe the process one goes through, that can only be described as rigorous saving up for an item. And farming, like its real-life agricultural counterpart, is done by putting in a lot of effort.

Unlike the rich people who simply pay for the currency, you will find yourself playing for hours at a time, scaling levels and logging in daily to get the free V-bucks from Fortnite itself. 

The heading might lead you to believe that there is some sort of a free V-bucks generator with no human verification, but the fact is, even if you see it advertised, claiming to be a legit generator and CERTAINLY NOT A SCAM, they unfortunately are all scams, every last one of them.

That’s much because of the reason explained beforehand; Epic Games simply does not let third party retailers deal with V-bucks. Only through the game (via purchases and free) AND through gift cards that the studio itself distributes among game retailers.

No other free V-bucks generator or code can get you the currency; it just isn’t designed that way and makes it downright impossible to get for free, especially with hacks, glitches or generators.

With that being said, lets get on with the ways you can generate V-bucks for free to buy skins, gliders and emotes for your Fortnite games.

Get Free Coins by Logging in the Game Daily

The first, foremost and the most easy way of getting V-bucks for free on Fortnite is by logging in the game daily, which gives you rewards for staying loyal and punctual to the game. If you log in everyday, you can win every two or three days some 1, 20 or even 50 V-bucks.

Add it up for two or three months at a time and do the math; this leaves you with enough amount for a good, really funky and groovy emote for your character to dance with during the game or while waiting to fill up the Battle Bus.

And this emote, or whatever you choose to buy with it, will be courtesy of free V-bucks that you collected, or rather farmed by just logging in, and not necessarily playing the game itself, which is totally worth it. You basically got a free emote for doing nothing other than firing up the console and just launching the game. That’s pretty good, right?

This is one of the most easy, but as you can imagine, one of the most time-consuming process or method of getting those sweet blue bucks.

Where by playing and properly farming the V-bucks for the same amount of time, you could’ve ended with either a really good character or an entire battle pass. But still, it’s a pretty good haul for not playing and basically doing the bare-minimum to get free V-bucks. Not bad.

Generate Free V-Bucks by Completing Daily/ Save The World Challenges

While you can’t use any free V-bucks generator without losing a bit or a lot of money, you can still make use of other ways of getting free V-bucks which are legit and are dispensed by the game itself. 

You can basically use two of the game’s mode for this method; Save The World and Battle Royale. While the game actually has three modes, Creative Mode (much like its main competitor Minecraft) isn’t actually a competitive mode like Battle Royale or Save The World.

It is a much more toned-down, docile version of ranked competitive play and does not require you to play against other players. However, with the other two modes, you can earn V-bucks for free when you play, score kills, stay alive and complete various challenges. Listed below are a few of these, 

Save The World: This game mode is not for free in the Fortnite game; however, you have to buy it from the store, which makes it a less-played mode than the uber-popular Battle Royale mode. That’s not to say that this particular mode is of no use. Those who have bought this mode can benefit mainly from this method of generating free V-bucks for themselves.

What Save The World mode has got are daily challenges that pay off V-bucks for free upon completion of a challenge, which is usually really simple and requires simple gameplay, one that doesn’t take much of your time or your display of skills.

These are daily challenges which include the likes of staying alive for a specified period of time, getting a certain number of kills or using a certain number of items or collecting a specific amount of building materials. 

As you can see, these are challenges that are not difficult at all and can be done by even a novice or a beginner just starting to learn the ropes. You do these challenges daily and you’ve got a pretty solid collection every day, which you can then save up for a skin, an emote, or if you’re patient enough, a battle pass altogether that can give you much more than just free V-bucks. 

Battle Royale: Battle Royale mode is free to play and can be accessed by everyone by simply downloading and installing the game, which itself is free to paly for all platforms; PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Switch (except the Xbox requires an Xbox Live subscription to play multiplayer; unlike the PlayStation or the PC, Switch version).

So needless to say, all the players currently on the Fortnite roster access this mode whenever they play the game. Now, onto the part for generating free V-bucks.

Battle Royale mode also has daily challenges that pay off certain gifts upon completion. While a good majority of them are V-bucks, the problem is that they are less in amount than the ones offered by Save The World mode; Battle Royale challenges at best pay off 100 V-bucks.

However, completing these challenges everyday paired along with the daily log-in bonus (if you don’t have Save The World mode) can still go a long way towards reducing the waiting time to get say, a skin or an emote.

In a Nutshell,

Free V-bucks generators are unfortunately not a legit thing, however you may look at it. They don’t provide the currency at all and they certainly don’t give it out for free.

xAll you’re going to end up with if you attempt to use one is some hefty amount snuck right out of your account without you knowing; congratulations, you’ve been scammed. However, follow the above-mentioned ways and you can generate free V-bucks yourself which are also legit.

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