Destiny 2: Black Armory Machine Gun Frame Quest- Walkthrough

Destiny 2, the widely popular multiplayer first-person shooter from Bungie Inc, received its second update in the form of the Back Armory DLC, which gives players access to new challenges, weapons, maps and game lore. Most of all, the DLC brings to gamers the Black Armory crates and the infamous and buffed up machine gun; for you to absolutely decimate the competition. So, here’s a guide on how to get the Black Armory machine gun in the update. Mind you, it is a long procedure (even more hefty when you actually play it), so, bear along.

Steps to Get the Hammerhead- Legendary Machine Gun

As explained above, getting that Black Armory machine gun is not going to be a cakewalk. There are some steps which you have to follow, some cores you have to collect, some enemies and bosses to kill and a lot of time will be spent traversing between worlds and levels before you can lay claim to the devastating weapon which’ll help you get those kills in PvP multiplayer. Here are the steps required,

  • In Tangled Shore, visit the Spider.
  • Back from the shore, you need to enter the Annex area of the Tower. There, you’ll find a sentient robot-esque thingy called Ada-1. She is the curator of all the mythic weapons (except this one apparently). Talk to her to receive your quest.
  • Next, you need to collect a Weapon Core from a Black Armory Crate and collect 25 Compound Ether from enemies killed.
  • Achieve a certain number of multi-kills and Hive kills using a Power Weapon.
  • After that, you need to defeat another 25 powerful enemies, set apart by their yellow health bars.
  • Collect Radiant Seeds which you gain from killing the above-mentioned enemies.
  • Return to Ada-1 with your scavenged loot and visit the Volundr Forge to get that sweet machinegun.

Detailed Walkthrough- Getting the Black Armory Machine Gun Frame

 First, you need to find the Destiny 2 Weapon Core and the Black Armory crate locations. So, the first step would be to head to the Spider in the Tangled Shore, where you’ll receive a ‘Black Armory Bade’, which is a pass that allows you to access the Annex, which was added to the Tower in the update. Once there, head westbound and follow the waypoints to find the door that needs to be opened for the Annex. Once there, find Ada-1, the humanoid figure and talk to her, which is where you’ll receive the first quest in a list of many to come. 

Finding a Weapon Core

One of the most detailed and difficult quests in this walkthrough. Head to the EDZ, and in the vicinity of two areas namely Outskirts and Gulch, where you’ll see a heavily guarded ‘Forge Saboteur’. It’ll be surrounded by orbs, so defeating and killing it will be a bit of a task, but it is imperative for the whole process. 

Once you’re done with the slaying, a message ‘Forge Saboteur defeated’ will appear, confirming that you’re through the first step. Search for a crate in the nearby area and scan it, which will get you the fabled weapon core. 

Finding the 25 Compound Ether

Next up is the 25 Compound Ether, which is rather simpler and straightforward than the previous step. Compound Ether can be scavenged from the Fallen enemies that you defeat during the quest. It is unclear whether the kills need to be performed in the EDZ, but that’s not the but simply completing a few Public Events with Fallen in – of which there are many in the EDZ – to complete this step.

After that is 15 multi kills and 50 Hive kills using Power weapons. There are plenty of destinations to do this in, but one of the easiest is on Mars completing Escalation Protocol. The waves of enemies it produces means Hive will bunch together, and if you have a weapon like the Thunderlord, you’ll clear them easily and get multi kills as you go.

Currently active is the Festival of the Lost event, which features Cipher Decoders, and coincided with the end of the Interference quest. Looking ahead to Year 4 and beyond, we explain all Destiny 2 PS5 and Xbox Series upgrade details, as well as Destiny 2 crossplay and transmog. Season of Arrivals has introduced new Exotics, including Traveler’s Chosen and Ruinous Effigy, as well as new Powerful and Pinnacle Gear sources. Elsewhere in Year 3 we saw the introduction of Armor 2.0 and K1 Logistics, K1 Revelation, K1 Crew Quarters and K1 Communion locations. There are also several new weapon quests, including the Deathbringer quest, Divinity quest, Leviathan’s Breath quest and Xenophage quest. We also have an explainer on Destiny 2 cross save support.

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Where to find Powerful Enemies in Destiny 2

Next is defeating 25 powerful enemies. These are yellow bar enemies – such as bosses – and you’ll find these in activities across the game. However, if you want to speed this up, then visit the Leviathan raid.

At the start are eight yellow bar enemies that will work towards this objective. You can do these solo, and once they are cleared, head to orbit and return to make them reappear. It’s a bit of a grind, but much faster than working on other activities.

The final step is collecting Radiant Seeds. These are a drop from powerful enemies – the same foes from the previous steps. However, the drops are uncommon, so you will have to kill more than 20 to get all the Radiant Seeds you need. Again, visiting the Leviathan’s opening is the fastest way to do this – but some runs will give you a handful seeds, others just one. Once done, visit Ada-1 again, who will instruct you to visit the Volundr Forge in the EDZ. Locate it on the map, set it as your objective, go to the nearest fast travel point, and the on-screen waypoints will lead the way. Don’t forget to pick up the Mysterious Box quest as you go, too.

Note the encounter is a very high level – over 600 power – but you’ll be matchmade to make things a little easier. 

How to Get- Basic Machine Gun Frame

The Basic Machine Gun Frame is an uncalibrated weapon frame sourced from Ada-1, the humanoid thingy in EDZ. Its called Basic because it does not include a charges Weapon Core. To get one, you have to recover a Weapon Core from a stolen Black Armory crate in the Outskirts or the Gulch of the EDZ. – Obtain Compound Ether from the Fallen to charge the Weapon Core.

How to Get- Machine Gun Alpha Frame

The Machine Gun Alpha Frame is yet another iteration of the uncalibrated machine gun frame, but he attainment procedure differs from the Basic one; you have to get at least 15 multi-kills and 50 Power Weapon Hive kills to start the calibration procedure for the machine gun.

How to Get- Machine Gun Beta Frame

Also obtained from Ada-1, Machine Gun Beta Frame ramps up the requirements a notch further, requiring atleast 25 powerful enemies (enemies with a yellow health bar) to be downed by the Power Weapons. Once you’ve stacked up the kills, the weapon’s sights will automatically finish calibrating. 

How to Get- Machine Gun Calibrated Frame

To get the Calibrated Frame, you need to collect at least 20 Radiant Seeds that fall down when you slay a powerful enemy. Since its strictly 1 per downed enemy and sometimes they don’t fall off at all, expect a kill count of around 30 to collect the requisite amount. 

Once you’re done with the Radiant Seeds, you need another step to be completed for the entire process to yield that machine gun. Before returning to Ada-1, be sure to pick out the Radiant Matrix so she can prepare the frame for the final step, forging. After that, simply craft the Black Armory Machine Gun by completing a forge ignition activity and voila!  You’ve got yourself a Black Armory Machine Gun. Feel free to crush opposition in the multiplayer PvP zone with this overpowered weapon.


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